About US

My name is Waneta Ryan and after 16 years as a Fashion Designer and Fitness Enthusiast, I created Box/Die to solve pain and mobility issues when engaging in physical activities.

Like many others, I have a recurring knee problem that I’ve been working around for years. Finding good knee brace accessories are especially tricky due to my thick thighs (yes, they "save lives", but I struggle to keep a "brace in place"). 

Drugstore brands lack sturdy support. And heavy sport braces are monstrosities that are usually sold separate (Umm, I have TWO knees).

Not to mention, consistently forgetting my braces at home altogether, meaning I do my workouts without them more often than not, making the problem even worse.

Pain takes focus away from workouts. And spending weeks to tend to injuries is detrimental to fitness progress. Based on research, I'm not the only one struggling. 

So why not simplify things? 

All-in-One fashion & function means our pieces incorporate easily into your current workout wardrobe, giving you support without thinking about it, and possibly preventing injuries before they even happen.

After testing many fabrics, construction options and prototypes, we now have a full sample set of activewear;  most items are constructed with built-in support for joint areas, and all styles are available in our full size range, regular to plus, to help you wherever you are on your journey. 


Our styles are made for movement and made for every body. We hope you love them as much as we do!